Thursday, February 18, 2016

"For narrow is the gate and difficult is the way that leads to life" (Mat. 7:14)

The following was written by Elder Ephraim of Katounakia, when asked for advice on how to deal with the struggles of life:

"I remember when I went to Jerusalem, an elderly nun approached me and wanted to tell me about a vision she'd seen. 'Elder, I saw the three Patriarchs Abraham, Isaac, and Jacob in the midst of Paradise. I told them, "I want to come there too." "Come," they said. "From where?" "From the road." "What road?" They showed me a path six inches wide, with thorn bushes at the edge. "But if I come from there I'll tear my clothing." "Ah, eldress, that is where we ourselves came from."'

"We won't get to Paradise on sweets. There are some bitter medicines! With these, however, the soul is purified."

-From Obedience is Life: Elder Ephraim of Katounakia by Elder Joseph of Vatopaidi

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