Thursday, January 7, 2016

All this for me?

"What is this that is happening to me! I asked for forgiveness and what I receive is beyond any notion of pardon and absolution. I was seeking to find some serenity and the peace which is given to me cannot be expressed. I am aware that I was created to receive and give love but this love that I come upon is beyond my expectations. I was struggling to grasp onto some hope but what I find here is tangible serenity, real happiness. I don't want to expect anything else. I don't wish anything higher. I am at a loss with all this. I am puzzled and I say, "All this for me? Why? What have I done? How come I deserve this? Has a mistake been made?"
Source: The Struggle in Christ in the Apostasy of Our Times, Holy Monastery of St. Gregorios

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