Wednesday, February 25, 2015

Welcome back to 2015!

Welcome back to 2015! We have just finished 3 days at our O week stall, signing up both new and old members. We look forward to seeing you all this year, we will be meeting every Wednesday from 2-3pm on Level 3 of the Squarehouse in 'The Lodge' room. Here is our schedule for Semester 1:
Week 1
Agiasmos Service with Fr. Athanasios (Blessing of the new year with Holy Water)
Week 2
St Gregory Palamas—Dr Philip Kariatlis
Week 3
A discussion on the Holy Icons and an Iconography demonstration—Mr Andrew Boucas
Week 4
Book stall on the Library Walk Way
Week 5
Holy Week—Professor Angelo Karantonis
Week 6
The Resurrection—Fr Peter Mavromatis
Week 7
An Orthodox Saint of our times: St Paisios of Mount Athos—Fr Nicholas Stavropoulos
Week 8
Book stall on the Library Walk Way
Week 9
The Psalms in the Orthodox Christian Tradition—Mr Tasos Kalogerakis
Week 10
Why does a God of love allow suffering? - Fr Dimitri Kokkinos
Week 11
Bible Study - Professor Socrates Dokos
Week 12
Orthodox Prison Ministry—Fr Stavros Karvelas
Week 13
An Orthodox Perspective on Ethics—Fr Basilios

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