Monday, February 28, 2011

O-Week 2011 Feb 21-25

As the 2011 University year draws closer this can only mean one thing, O-Week (Orientation Week). A week full of fun, free give-aways and of course countless societies and groups to join. This year was no different, with our fellowship setting up a stall from Monday-Thursday, selling  icons, spiritual books, livani (incense), komboskinia (prayer ropes) and of course signing up new members to our fellowship. 

Despite the constant showers, there were many new members eager to join a fellowship which focuses on the Orthodox faith. Only with God's help was this O-Week able to be so successful. 

We hope to see you all at our fellowship meetings and events! Check your emails! 

Thank you to all who helped for a great O-Week and your zeal to be part of our fellowship ad volunteer to man our stall. We would like to wish you all a blessed start to the new year and may God's grace guide and guard you all throughout the year.

Here is a  small paragraph describing what it was like for a new member to help at our stall: 

"I had no idea what to expect being part of a stall at my first O-week would be like.  I was able to have my first experiences at uni belonging already without even trying.  To be part of a group, particularly one so inviting and loving as FOCUS, is so important for everybody.  To speak to other people about your common beliefs and ideals is also so rewarding.  I wish everyone could share such an experiences at O-week from behind the stall of the Orthodox Christian Fellowship at UNSW."

When: Every Thursday 2-3pm
Where: Level 3, Squarehouse, UNSW

All are welcome!

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