Tuesday, March 2, 2010

Glory To God For All Things!

Dear all,

Today we had our first fellowship meeting this year, and I'm pleased to say that we had the best turn out for years! We started with the Agiasmos (Blessing) service with Fr Athanasios, which was truely a blessing, in which we all chanted together, prayed together and were blessed with Holy Water together. We then had a general introduction in which we all introduced ourselves, as there were some people who were new, who have a genuine interest in our Orthodox faith. Then we had a small presentation by Kosmas Kokkinos on his visit to the Holy Lands and the various sites he went to e.g. Christ's tomb, the Well of Jacob, Gethsimane etc.

Next week we will be having a discussion on The Ladder by St John Climacus.

Please feel free to comment/ask questions on any topic or give suggestions for a topic you would like to hear about.

For more inspiration read:
Fr Themi: The Atheist Rocker who became an Orthodox Priest and Missionary in Africa.

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