Thursday, February 18, 2010

Orientation Week UNSW 2010 22-26 Feb.

Dear all,

As you might be aware it will be Orientation Week next week at UNSW. Our Orthodox Fellowship will be manning a Stall for the whole week in the Quad Court, so we can't be missed! Come and see...

We will be selling icons which were made with great love by the monks of Pantanassa Monastery and books from the Orthodox Bookstore in Enmore of the Greek Orthodox Christian Society 'Enosis' who import books from America and Greece. We will also be giving out special 'Orthodox Starter kits' with all sorts of material ranging from prayer books to pamphlets on Orthodox Sacraments, Daily Scripture Readings, incense etc and two special pamphlets explaining what our Orthodox Fellowship is all about. There will be at least two of our Executive members everyday present who will be glad to answer all your questions. If you already have questions please e-mail at: and you will receive an answer within a day.

As you may have seen in the side column here we have a schedule till Week 9. We will be meeting every Tuesday during the Session at 1-2pm Religious centre, Level 3, Squarehouse After that we may have special guest speakers from St Andrew's Theological College and other various Orthodox institutes. Also a Conference with Sydney University Orthodox Fellowship (SUOF) is on the cards in Bright Week (the week after Pascha). We look forward to meeting you there!

Here is a beautiful Prayer by St Symeon the New Theologian from one of my favourite blogs:

I hope you enjoy it!

Kali Sarakosti.

With love and prayers,

F.O.C.U.S Executives of 2010

"This is the generation of those who seek the Lord"
Psalm 24:6


Anonymous said...

Thank you for this comprehensive blog.The texts and other resources are very helpful, interesting, and the variety provided adds to this. Very helpful in receiving texts that otherwise would be unknown to me, or would not be as easily accessable.

FOCUS UNSW said...

We are glad that people are finding this blog useful. That is the purpose of this blog after all! If you would like any specific texts/resources, do not hesitiate to send an e-mail or write in the Cbox.

God bless the rest of Great Lent.