Thursday, February 11, 2010

Christianity and Darwin by Fr Thomas Hopko

"The greatest engine for atheism is not Darwinism, but the stupidity of Christians"
Fr Thomas Hopko

Dear all,

This is a brilliant podcast from Ancient Faith Radio by Fr Thomas Hopko.

Fr Thomas, in this podcast, does not intend to give answers to these most important and complex issues, but simply with love and understanding gives us an Orthodox Christian insight. It is important for us Orthodox Christians to not jugde too quickly on these topics and it is important for us to not become fanatical because then how do we expect others to treat us seriously? We must not glaze over Evolution and Natural Selection without serious thought, or simply put it to the side.

The problem we have in our society is that we are always looking for the easiest option, a simple solution, we want the answers to all our problems without us doing anything, people are immune to thinking, we do not want to work, to go out of our way for someone else, which is completely opposed to to Orthodox way of life, of askesis (spiritual struggle). Askesis is not an 'optional extra'.

My youngest brother asked one day when we were at a Cemetary for a Funeral on the way back to our car, "Why isn't there just a big book with all the answers to life's problems, telling us what to do?" That got me thinking.

We must, with understanding, compassion, patience, an open-mind and with love, search for answers to all of life's problems. It may take us a whole life time, we might not even get what we want, but if we are sincere, authentic, honest to ourselves and honest before God, that is what matters.

If we know in our hearts that we have put the effort in, then we will not be overlooked.

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